Cyber-Safety Courses
For Parents
Licenses are available for individuals, schools and organisations.
We are a government certified provider with The Office of the Childrens eSafety Commissioner.

This course will help

Parents and caregivers feel confident parenting in the digital age.
The course will give them tools to help create a safe and balanced online experience for their family

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Organisations and

Provide your entire parent and carer community with all the tools they need to educate and protect their children in the online world.

We have a range of concise online courses that are designed for parents and carers of children from 4 to 18 years of age. Signing up is really easy. Follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the sign up form and choose your school's or organisation's unique passcode
  2. Email your parents and carers the course website address and passcode
courses for

These courses help remove the mystery surrounding children and technology. After completing the courses you will have the skills and confidence to parent in this area.

We have developed four age specific courses. These cover topics that are relevant to children from 4 to 18 years of age.

Below are some benefits to you:

  1. It is a one off purchase which allows you to re-visit the course(s) time and time again
  2. The courses are very concise and focus on practical advice
  3. The courses are affordable
  4. The courses are quick to complete (each course is roughly 30 minutes long)
  5. The courses are written for "normal" parents or carers, you do not need to be an IT expert

Course available

There are 4 courses aimed at the parents and carers of:

  • Lower Primary students (Ages 4-8)
  • Upper Primary students (Ages 9-11)
  • Lower Secondary students (Ages 12-14)
  • Upper Secondary students (Ages 15-18)
  • Everybody knows where they stand
  • De-mystifies technology and the online world
  • Empowers parents and carers
  • Parents and Carers have a feeling of support
  • Cyber issues are reduced benefiting the entire community
  • The courses can be revisited at any time on any device
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I found this online training very, very valuable. It made me realise that I can be in control of what my boys are viewing and how much time they spend viewing. This then encouraged me to research further ways in which I can manage cyberspace with or for my boys. The training provided me with tools and resources to help me understand what I could do to protect them in this environment. This is an extremely useful training product for any parent, I found the modules very user friendly. I strongly recommend that all parents find the time to do this training.

Tiffany M. | Mother of two boys: 10 and 12 years of age.