Frequently Asked Questions

If my school signs up, how long can we access the courses for?

The school / organisation license is for 12 months. However schools signing up before the end of 2015 will get access till the end 2016.

Is there a limit to how many times I can login and view the course(s)?

There is no limit.

Can my school or organisation track who has completed the course?

At the end of the course a course participant can create a personalised course completion certificate. Schools or Organisations can then ask their parent community to show them the certificate so they can see who has completed the course. At the end of your 12 month license period we can let you know how many times the course has been accessed.

What are the main topics covered in the course?

The courses cover many of the main issues related to internet safety and cyber bullying i.e. Social Media, Cyberbullying, Gaming, Predatory behavior, Digital footprint, Sexting , Legal responsibilities etc.

How long are the courses?

The courses are around 30 minutes in length.

What work is required by our school / organisations staff or IT department to set up the courses?

Very little work is needed. Your school or organisation signs up and an invoice will be sent to you. Once we have received payment we will give you a unique passcode and link that you can send to your parent community so they can access the course.

Why do we have to pay every year?

The Internet and technology are constantly changing. The ongoing license fee helps us keep the courses up to date with the latest issues, trends and software.

Can I have a demo of a course before I purchase it?

Yes schools and organisations can request a demo by emailing Di at enquiry@internetsafetraining.com

Is the information up to date?

Yes. We update the course each year. We also have a sister site called internet safe families where you can get free tips and advice.

Who produced the courses?

Internet safety expert Brett Lee produced the courses. Brett is a former undercover Internet detective and each year he talks to thousands of students, teachers and parents about keeping children safe online.

Can organisations and schools sign up for the courses on behalf of their parent community?

Yes they can. Schools and clusters of schools are our main customers. We have many schools that are already using the courses. We also welcome interest from Parent and Family and Parent and Community groups.

I do not work at a school; can my organisation still sign up?

Yes you can, please email Di at mailto:enquiry@internetsafetraining.com

I have children who are aged 4,7,11 and 17. Do the courses cover information that is relevant to all these age groups?

Yes. We have 4 courses. Each course is aimed at parents of different aged children.

Can my organisation / school license the content and put it inside our Learning Management System / intranet / extranet?

Please email Di at enquiry@internetsafetraining.com if this is something you are interested in.

Do I need to be online to view the course?


Can I share my course passcode / password with someone else?

No this license is purely for you or parents in your organisation or school. However if you know someone who is interested in the courses then please send him or her to our website: http://www.internetsafetraining.com

Are you planning on making courses for teachers and students?

We have had some interest in student / teacher courses. Please email Di at enquiry@internetsafetraining.com if this is something you are interested in.

Can children do the course?

The courses are aimed at parents but there is some useful information in there for children. The course works better if parents complete the courses and then talk with their children about the course content.

Can you make custom courses just for our school / organisation?

Yes we can, please email Di at enquiry@internetsafetraining.com if this is something you are interested in.

Can the courses be accessed in any country or region?
Schools, organisations or individuals anywhere can purchase the course

If I purchase the course as an individual how long do I have access to the course for?

There is no time limit on individual licences.


I found this online training very, very valuable. It made me realise that I can be in control of what my boys are viewing and how much time they spend viewing. This then encouraged me to research further ways in which I can manage cyberspace with or for my boys. The training provided me with tools and resources to help me understand what I could do to protect them in this environment. This is an extremely useful training product for any parent, I found the modules very user friendly. I strongly recommend that all parents find the time to do this training.

Tiffany M. | Mother of two boys: 10 and 12 years of age.